Armed Individual - What to Do

Armed individual

If you witness a situation involving an armed individual:

If you can escape safely:

  1. Remain calm and evacuate the premises discretely.
  2. Avoid attracting the individual’s attention.
  3. If you encounter a police officer, keep your hands visible to show you are not a threat.
  4. Notify anyone you encounter to leave the premises.
  5. If possible, contact ENPQ Security.
  6. If you are outside the campus during a training activity, call 911 for police or contact your supervisor or the dispatcher using radio communications.

If you cannot escape safely, take cover in a safe place:

  1. Lock the door. Turn off all video and audio equipment. Turn off the lights.
  2. Cover the windows if possible.
  3. Stay away from doors and windows.
  4. Avoid making noise. Set your cell phone to silent mode; do not turn it off.
  5. Adopt a crouch or lying position.
  6. Stay in the room and wait for instructions.
  7. If possible, contact ENPQ Security.

If you are an armed police officer and you want to intervene:

Ideally, deploy in teams of 3 police officers minimum.

Other emergency situations

  • Other emergency situations can occur. In all cases,
    1. Assess the situation

    2. Call ENPQ Security

      911 (internal telephone)


      819-293-8631, extension 6458 (cell phone)

    3. Think "Safety"