Target clients

Target clients:

  • Graduates of the Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling (BTPPP) who are part of the hiring process of a police organization that requires the recent result of a physical fitness testing;
  • Candidates on the ENPQ ranking list who want to try out the SPAT-ENPQ to ensure better performance during the BTPPP admission process;
  • Active police officers wishing to measure their physical fitness;
  • Students in Police Technology wishing to measure their physical fitness.

* Important :

The SPAT-ENPQ try out result cannot be recorded as the result of the SPAT-ENPQ that is part of the BTPPP admission process. Even if a candidate successfully completes the test during the try out, he or she will have to redo the SPAT-ENPQ when invited by the ENPQ during the admission process.