The training program lasts for a period of approximately 15 weeks and registered candidates are required to live on-campus for the duration. Boarding represents an essential part of the training program as it ensures better educational guidance and encourages candidates to develop a sense of responsibility, leadership and team spirit.

The philosophy behind the initial training program in Police Patrolling is essentially the same as the Professional Community Policing model. This philosophy has led to the creation of formalized directives and procedures which form the basis of teaching practices used by continuum partners.
This model brings police officers and citizens closer together and encourages the partnership between the police, the community, the public and private sector and other justice agencies. It aims to resolve problems within the community and reinforce preventive measures used.

During their time at the School, police recruits learn to adopt specific values which will become guidelines to follow throughout their career. These values are : Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Commitment and Responsibility.