The uniform is an essential component of the initial training program in Police Patrolling.

The School Insignia represents the original facade of the school building and includes the school motto, "Savoir, Être, Agir". This insignia is sewn onto police recruits' caps. Recruits may also wear the insignia on their shirts during official engagements such as their graduation ceremony. This insignia is worn in the form of a black leather-mounted badge.

Rank Hierarchy

From the beginning of the recruits' second week at the School, the officer in charge of extracurricular activities organizes the election of a Cohort President (who ensures the liaison between his/her cohort and the School Representative), Group Presidents (who ensure the liaison between their group and the Cohort President), a Sergeant (whose role is to enforce discipline and organize group assemblies) and a Corporal (who assists and replaces the Sergeant when needed). A cohort consists of 72 police recruits and is divided into 2 groups of 36 candidates. Police recruits' Rank Insignia patches are steel blue with navy blue embroidery, worn on a pale blue shirt. All clothing worn by police recruits bears the word "Formation" (Training).