School's Corporate Symbols

School Motto

The school sometimes affixes certain documents or promotional objects with its motto, which is the following:

This motto refers to knowledge («Savoir»), the integration of community values («Être») and self-control and the mastery of skills («Agir»). The palm branches represent the training aspect of the institution.

The flag

The objective of the image on the flag is to represent the School in the center of the police training continuum.

On the left, the 2 chevrons represent the public security community in Quebec. The blue colour recalls the School affiliation to the Quebec Government along with the close relationship with the college and university networks. The green stands for the origin of the School which was the Institut de police du Québec. This green colour is a blend of the blue for the municipal police force and the green for the Sûreté du Québec.
As a principal image, the flag displays the blazon of the institutional uniform and the school slogan:

  • "Savoir” which refers to the knowledge students must acquire;
  • “Être”, which refers to the self-control students must develop;
  • “Agir”, which refers to the control of the skills students must achieve.

The academic palm branches in the center of the blazon represent the training aspect of the institution.

Protocolar music of the School

Since spring 2008, the École nationale de police du Québec has its own protocolar march music: “Savoir, être, agir”.

This music has been composed by Mr. Luc Darveau, Commander and Musical Director of the 62th artillery regiment of the Shawinigan Campaign.

Protocolar music of the École nationale de police du Québec: “Savoir, être, agir”