Public Telephones

Public telephones are located in the entrance hall of the sports centre.

In Room telephones and voice mail

To make phone calls

  • Internal calls : Dial the extension number.
  • Internal calls to a room : Dial 7 followed by the room number. The letters of the room numbers must be substituted as follows: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, G = 4 and P = 5.
  • Local calls : Dial 9, followed by the regional code 819, and then, the telephone number.
  • Long distance calls : Use your calling card. Charging a call to the room is not possible.
  • Dial 9 followed by 1 800 555-1111.

To receive phone calls

To reach someone staying at the School, dial the School’s number at 819 293-8631 and then dial 7 followed by the room number. See the section above.

Voice mail messages in your room 

You have to press the "messagerie" button at the right of the receiver or dial 6500 and follow the indications. A flashing light is indicating that you have a message. Your password is the last 4 letters of your last name.

Mail and faxes

The mail is collected everyday after 9:00 a.m. from the School's Reception Desk. You may give your letters, with sufficient postage, to the reception staff. Stamps are also sold at the Reception Desk. Your envelops can also be stamped there at your own expense.

A fax machine and cover sheets are available at the Reception Desk. There is a nominal charge for sending faxes.

  • For each fax : 1.00$ (a cover sheet is mandatory)
  • Receiving faxes is free

Fax: 819 293-8630