Internet Access

Several computers are at your disposal during opening hours in the Centre de l’information et du savoir – CIS (Library), located near the cafeteria. Should the computers all be in used, please see the Head of the Extracurricular Activities (room C1-11) to be informed of the other public computers available.

We ask that you respect the policies and directives related to the use of computers and Internet access at the School. Policy 06-05 and directive DIR 06-07 are intended to ensure the efficient use of the computers in an appropriate environment that is respectful and favourable to study and intellectual work. You may find these Regulations publications, in French, at the Centre de l’information et du savoir – CIS (Library).

Downloading and using software other than that already available on the computers is prohibited. To communicate with your family and friends, the only authorised chat software is MSN Messenger, which is already installed.

Please note that it is forbidden to:

  • Surf on web sites of a sexual nature or with violent, offensive, prejudicial or discriminatory content;
  • Use the computer assets for unauthorised, commercial or illegal purposes;
  • Change the System Folder, Control Panel and the preset options on each computer.

For any problem regarding the use of computer equipment, please dial 6406 from any in-house telephone.

Internet Access Available Within the School

For wireless Internet access you will need :

  • a laptop computer with a DHCP configuration (see your network administrator for details);
  • a wireless network card;
  • a username and a password, provided by the employees at the Reception Desk and activated according to the length of your stay, to access the ENPQ_Visiteurs wireless network.

For cabled high-speed Internet access you will need :

  • an Ethernet (you can borrow this type of cable at the Reception desk);
  • a laptop computer with a DHCP configuration (see your network administrator for details).

The Internet cable outlet is identified by the at sign @.

Support Service

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    School computer department, extension 6406 or room B1-13
  • After 4:30 p.m.
    Please call the Reception Desk, extension « 0 »

Please note that it is strictly forbidden to bring in and use a wireless router at the School. Please, always use the wireless net provided by the School to ensure every user the best connection possible.