Basic school regulations


ENPQ courses are based on specific objectives, the achievement of which is verified by theoretical and practical evaluations.

According to the Training plan regulation of the École nationale de police du QuébecCe lien ouvre un site externe dans une nouvelle fenêtre., ENPQ evaluates, where applicable, the skill level developed by the student registered in an advanced training activity. This evaluation of developed skills is performed by means of knowledge tests, assignments, problem solving, simulations or any other means used to assess the acquisition of such skills. The results of an evaluation are established by grade, from “A+” to “E”. The passing grade is established at “D”.  

Request for grade revision  

A student may request to have a grade revised in accordance with the Politique et procédure relatives aux recours administratifs (POL 01-02) [Policy and procedures pertaining to administrative appeals]. A student wishing to make such request must fill out the Demande de révision d’une évaluation  [Request for grade revision] form available at the Registrar’s Office and pay the required fees.

Remedial Training

In some cases, ENPQ may provide remedial training prior to a re-evaluation.

Transcript and diploma

ENPQ issues to each student registered in an advanced training activity a transcript showing the results of the evaluation of the acquired competencies and, depending on the type of training program, a document showing the student’s respect for the ENPQ’s values during training. ENPQ issues a diploma to a student who has obtained at least a “D” for each of the competencies or advanced training activities contained in a training program. 

Note: These terms and conditions do not apply to university-accredited training activities Reconnaissance universitaire. .