Admission and registration

It is the sole responsibility of the ENPQ Registrar’s Office to receive and coordinate all applications for admission and registration for advanced training programs and activities for both the courses developed jointly with the universities as well as those offered by ENPQ.

Advanced training courses

Any police officers who are members of a Quebec police force or any members of an organization or agency recognized by ENPQ may register for advanced training courses offered by ENPQ with the prior authorization of their director or the person in charge of training.

No prior authorization is required when a student is registered for an advanced training course by a Quebec police force.

University-accredited courses

This symbol Reconnaissance universitaire. iindicates that this is a university course. The admission process for the university programs differs from that for the other ENPQ courses. Admission to a university program is mandatory before registering for a course. Candidates wishing to be admitted in one of these programs must meet the admission requirements of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) and submit their application to ENPQ by filing out the application for admission formCe lien ouvre un document pdf dans une nouvelle fenêtre.(4.4 MB) (French only). 

Once admitted in the training program, students who are interested in registering for a course on the ENPQ course calendar must reserve their place at the following email address:

Permission to study off-campus

The purpose of this permission is to enable students registered at UQTR (called the home university) to take courses offered by another university (called the host university).

Applicants must access their student portal Ce lien ouvre un site externe dans une nouvelle fenê fill out their application.

The home university shall issue the certificate at the end of the university studies.

The permission to study off-campus is used for many courses in the B.A. in Public Security, except for the courses offered by UQTR. 

Academic regulations

The academic responsibility as well as the academic regulations of the university programs fall to the university concerned.


In accordance with the Politique sur les frais applicables en cas d’annulation d’une inscription à un cours (POL 01-05) (113 Ko) [Policy on the applicable fees in the event of a cancelled registration for a course], no fees will be charged to any person who cancels their registration for a billable course if the person notifies the Registrar’s Office in writing at least 20 calendar days prior to the start of the course. If it is done under 20 calendar days, ENPQ will charge the registration fees as set forth in the Liste des tarifs pour les frais ou les honoraires relatifs aux autres services facturés [Price list of costs or fees related to other billed services] and the established training fees. This policy also applies in the event of absence, abandonment or withdrawal. However, a candidate can be replaced at any time, as long as the replacing candidate meets the course prerequisites.