Course codification

Meaning of the new course codification

1st digit – Field and aspect

Police patrolling Investigation Management Public security Public security and civil protection
Basic training 1 3 5 7 9
Advanced training 2 4 6 8 0

2nd and 3rd digits - Specialty

2nd and 3rd digits Specialty
Patroller’s activities  
01 Driving
02 Community policing
03 Others
Highway safety  
06 Speed measuring device (Doppler and laser)
07 Photometer
08 Collision investigation
09 Impaired driving investigation
10 Specialized patrol
11 Others
Use of force  
14 Physical intervention
15 Tactical intervention
16 Use of firearms
17 Tactical communication
18 Others
Emergency measures  
21 Crowd control
22 Ground search
23 Others
26 Powers and duties
28 Psychology
29 Others
Train the trainer  
32 Pedagogy
33 On-the-job learning
34 Others
36 Police investigation
37 Major crime investigation
38 Administrative investigation
39 Intelligence
40 Investigation on economic activities
41 Others
44 First-level manager
45 Managers
46 Senior managers
47 Others
50 Highway Controller Basic Training Program
51 Highway Controller In-house Training Program
52 First Nations Special Constable Training Program
53 Transportation of Valuables Requalification Instructor Basic Training Program
54 Hydro-Québec Special Constable Basic Training Program
55 AMT Inspector Basic Training Program
56 AMT Inspector Refresher Training Program
57 MSP First-level Manager Training Program
58 CS First-level Manager Training Program
59 Correctional Officer Integration Program
60 MSP Special Constable Basic Training Program
61 STM Inspector Basic Training Program
62 STM First-level Manager Training Program
63 STM Inspector Refresher Training Program

4th digit – Level of training

4th digit Level of training
xxx-0xx-xx Acquisition of knowledge without certification evaluation (conferences and seminars)
xxx-1xx-xx Development and maintenance of competencies without certification evaluation
xxx-2xx-xx “User” training with certification evaluation and without prerequisite
xxx-3xx-xx “User” training with certification evaluation and prerequisite
xxx-6xx-xx Basic train the trainer (requalification instructor)
xxx-8xx-xx Advanced train the trainer (instructor)

5th and 6th digits – Sequence number

Sequence number

7th and 8th digits – Year the course was created or modified

The last two digits of the year when the course was created or modified.


For a course that was modified in 2018, the 7th and 8th digits will be: xxx-xxx-18