Step 4 – Taking the entry tests

Particularité autochtone.Distinctive characteristics – First Nations cohorts

The dates of the cohorts and the application deadline for the First Nations cohorts are different. For more information on the upcoming First Nations cohorts, please click here.

The entry tests of the Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling are comprised of two measuring tools, which require no specific preparation on your part and are intended to assess soft skills related to police work.

First measuring tool - Situational judgement test

The 2-hour , the situational judgement testCe lien ouvre un document pdf dans une nouvelle fenêtre.(99 KB) comprises several situations related to police interventions or police training. Each of these situations is followed by four statements describing four types of intervention. You must rank these statements from what you feel is the most favourable intervention to the least favourable intervention.

Second measuring tool - M-Pulse

The M-PulseCe lien ouvre un document pdf dans une nouvelle fenêtre.(83 KB) is a psychometric test, which:

  • assesses your risk level of showing behaviours inconsistent with the policing profession;
  • measures the factors related to the sense of responsibilities and respect of the rules;
  • assesses other counter-productive behaviours related to the interactions with citizens.

This test consists of 455 questions with 50 to 90 minute administration time. You will have to state how much you agree with each statement.

Consult the M-Pulse Inventory ScalesCe lien ouvre un document pdf dans une nouvelle fenêtre.(83 KB) Selected for the Admission to the Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling.

Certification of the entry tests results for the year 2021-2022

Your entry tests results for the 2021-2022 admission to the Basic Training Program in Police Patrolling (BTPPP) will be available on the student portal in January 2022 along with the admission decision. 

Report of the psychometric test (M-Pulse) results

If you are interested in receiving the report of your M-Pulse results, you may send a request to the Registrar’s office. The first official copy is free of charge and will be sent to you by email. A fee of $ 11.50 taxes included (rates to change without notice) will apply for a second request.

Report of the situational judgement test (SJT)

There is no report available for the situational judgement test.

During a recruitment process, if the police organization is requesting a copy of the report of the situational judgement test, you must provide the certification of the entry test results found on the student portal.

Feedback meeting

Following the receipt of your report of the psychometric test (M-Pulse) results, if you want some explanations and feedback regarding your results, you can ask to meet with a psychologist of the Centre d'évaluation des compétences et aptitudes professionnelles (CECAP), located at ENPQ. You must send a request to that effect to the Registrar’s Office.

The fees for the feedback meeting are the responsibility of the applicant and are payable at the time of his or her meeting with a psychologist from the CECAP.

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