STEP 6 – Performing the 2017 Police SPAT-ENPQ

Particularité autochtone.Distinctive characteristics – First Nations cohorts

The dates of the cohorts and the SPAT dates are different for First Nations cohorts. For more information on the upcoming First Nations cohorts, please click here.

Standardized physical abilities test (2017 POLICE SPAT-ENPQ)

Characteristics of the circuit

  • Mainly exploits the capacity to deploy muscular power while engaging the aerobic system.
  • Assesses decision-making and reaction time with a new station.
  • Reproduces, in terms of time and intensity of efforts, the intervals observed during the accomplishment of the BTPPP physically demanding tasks.
  • To avoid any confusion with the PAT-ENPQ, this new circuit was given a different name: the standardized physical abilities test (SPAT).
  • This is a timed circuit.

Note on energy drinks

According to the studies and recommendations from Health Canada and the Association québécoise des médecins du sportCe lien ouvre un site externe dans une nouvelle fenêtre. (document in French only), the consumption of energy drinks during physical and sports activities is strongly discouraged.

Consequently, it is strictly forbidden to consume any types of energy drink before the standardized physical abilities test (SPAT).

SPAT validity period

The SPAT is valid for 12 months from the date it was successfully completed.

Failing and retaking the standardized physical abilities test (SPAT)

  • For each application for admission, the candidate who fails the SPAT is entitled to retake the test twice.
  • The candidate will have to retake the test on the next session scheduled in the school calendar.

Physical condition

It is your responsibility to show up at the SPAT in excellent health and physical condition without any injuries or any types of splint to maintain or support part of a limb and without any forms of protection.

If one of the instructors involved in the administration of the SPAT is of the opinion that your state of health or physical condition may entail risks of injury or put your health at risk, he will refer you to the coordinator of the activity who, after analyzing your situation could terminate your test and refer you to the ENPQ nurse.

  • An injury or illness occurring during the SPAT is not considered as a fail as long as the symptoms have no relation with a pre-existing physical or medical condition.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the instructor if you are experiencing any health issue during the test.
  • When such event occurs, you must go see the ENPQ medical personnel before leaving the premises.

You will have to provide a medical certificate confirming your good health or physical fitness prior to doing the test again.

If necessary, the ENPQ will require that you pass a medical examination with its authorized medical representative to ensure that you are in good health. You are responsible for the fees related to this exam.

Upon reception of your proof of good health, you will be given priority to attend another scheduled SPAT session.

Fortuitous event

If you are unable to show up for your medical examination or your physical fitness evaluation (for which you will be asked to attend), due to fortuitous events, you can present a written request for a deferral to the Registrar’s office, who, after analyzing your request, could give you the authorization to attend another evaluation session on a new date. This measure is exceptional and does not apply to travel and other work-related constraints.

If your request for a deferral is denied and you decide not to show up to either one of these evaluations,, your admission will no longer be valid for the current school year. You will have to submit a new application for admission for the next school year.

Examples of fortuitous events: death of a next of kin, illness, court testimony.